Material Pressure

March 1-7, 2016


New York, NY



Jayson Musson, Ben Dowell, Elizabeth Ferry, Barb Smith, Juan Sebastián Peláez, Panayiotis Terzis, Leah Dixon, Andrea McGinty


Pure Potentiality

September 20, 2015

Achter de Boom

110 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002


Taking its name from the first law in Deepak Chopra's 1994 self-help book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Pure Potentiality brings together artists whose artistic process embodies physical and conceptual meditation. Presented in an apartment on the Lower East Side, the exhibition creates a fictive live/work space worthy of an aspiring New Age guru, absorbed in the world of their own teachings. Each work outwardly projects positivity, striving for mindfulness as it struggles with the inner turmoil that lies shallow beneath the surface. 



Katherine Aungier, Al Bedell, Ben Dowell, Elizabeth Ferry, Konsta Ojala, Jennifer McDermott, Nicole Reber, Esther Ruiz, Misael Soto, Aaron Steffes



Art F City

Al Bedell, Brainless and Happy, 2015, Spotify playlist

The Future is Whatever

August 5, 2015

A screening at Nitehawk Cinema

136 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249



James Bayard, Al Bedell, BFFA3AE, Allison Brainard, Sean J Patrick Carney, Jen Catron and Paul Outlaw, Sam Cooke, Petra Cortright, Leah Dixon, Ben Dowell, Fake Injury Party, Nandi Loaf, Emily McMaster, Dominique Palladino, Birgit Rathsmann, Siebren Versteeg, May Waver



Art News


Paper Mag

Art F City

Bedford and Bowery

Paper Mag (2)

Humor and the Abject

January 10, 2015

A screening at BHQFU

34 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009



Lindsey Baker, Taj Bourgeois, Lex Brown, Sean J Patrick Carney, Barnett Cohen, Sam Cooke, Liza Dye, Ana Fabrega, Fake Injury Party, Ann Hirsch, Aaron James Kuhn, Jayson Musson, Alan Resnick, Chloé Rossetti, Jamie Sneider, Chloe Wise, Darcie Wilder